what love, what love

“What love, what love”
She said to me,
“In twenty-two years,
Did you ever miss me?
In part, my life—
The same as death,
For shame and strife,
And each shallow breath.”

The love, the love,
Had never died;
For twenty-two years,
And the tears I had cried.
But shallow breath
And shallow grave,
And the love, the love
She never gave.

“To love, to love,
And not to leave,
You were gone like the war
Or false reprieve;
You never left,
Like bittersweet,
You came with each rain,
Each snow and sleet.”

“This love, this love,
You never gave,
Like twenty-two roses
On grandad’s grave,
Like twenty-two letters,
Yellowed by the years
And twenty-two kisses,
And twenty-two tears—

“What love, what love,
O love me now,
After twenty-two years,
And branch and bough,
After prairie and creek,
And river wide,
My love, my love,
I’m at your side.”



In the land of milk and honey;

Falling leaves and abandoned buildings

are nestled into the sender, the mender,

the blossoms and the brick sidewalks, the sun.

The honeysuckle whispers but is interrupted by the raven,

“Did you think your state of being was permanent?”

Rethink the Rant


The following includes descriptions, photos, and video that may serve as a trigger for victims of sexual violence.
Please be advised. 

Someone asked me today, “What is ‘rape culture’ anyway? I’m tired of hearing about it.”

Yeah, I hear ya. I’m tired of talking about it. But I’m going to keep talking about it because people like you keep asking that question.

Rape culture is when a group of athletes rape a young girl, and though there are dozens of witnesses, no one says, “Stop.”

Rape culture is when a group of athletes rape a young girl, and though there are dozens of witnesses, they can’t get anyone to come forward.

Rape culture is when a group of athletes rape a young girl, and adults are informed of it, but no consequences are doled out because the boys “said nothing happened.”

Rape culture is when a group…

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O melancholy,

you have robbed me of my ability to love

and be loved.

Will you not deliver me from

my waking slumber?

O fair one, o my love,

take my hand and

pull me from the tempestuous waters,

for you are the meaning of my

quiet life, and your hands only

may incite florid feeling

in my frightfully peaceful mind.

The breeze’s soft breath is

perhaps a fleeting pleasure,

but it is only in a dream I feel it.

O my sweet, pull me from the waters

and let us ascend to our place

amongst the clouds.

dreams of summer

dreams of summer

bare legs and sun-kissed shoulders,
my warm hands outstretched to you as
summer’s breezes are tangled in our hair
and the sky closes its weary eyes;
a thousand stars glimmer in its eyelashes
as our bare feet are soft in the grass.

short poem: lullaby

Sing, nightingales, my love to sleep;

kiss gently his quiet mouth for

I am not tempting slumber at his side.

Hold him with starlit melody as

dreams fill his sleeping hours

and moonlight caresses his cheek.


Be calm, my weary love;

be peaceful as the night settles around

your softly rounded shoulders

and gentle closed eyes.

I cannot hold you but in a dream

and my slumber-quiet arms are waiting.



the most important lesson we can learn from the new year’s holiday is to have no regrets. what has happened has happened and it is important to bear the scars proudly and enjoy the spoils gratefully. it takes bravery to look forward to the mystery lying ahead of us, but as with most things in life, there is only one direction to go.

this year was a trip for me anyway, discovering so many interests and changing so much. i think that’s the same for just about everyone, so i won’t be too eloquent about it. what’s so precious about a year is that so much can change, even within ourselves.

to my family: we’ve had ups and downs this year, for sure, but overall, i think we’re doing alright. just stay strong, you all are amazing people and you’ll come out on top no matter what. i love you all so much.

to my old friends: you all are the tops and i wish you the best year this year.

to my best friends: i fucking love you guys so much. i would actually be a wreck without you. i look forward to another year with you in my life.

to my new friends (who are quickly becoming best friends): many of you walked into my life this year, and i cannot tell you how thankful i am for that. though our friendships are new, i look forward to cultivating them with you in the coming year.

to my current and former coworkers who are also good friends: you guys, seriously, are some of the people who really keep me going all the time and i consider you to be some of my best friends and favorite people, whether or not we’re coworkers or in the same state. cheers, you guys!

t, whether or not you realize it, you are the greatest thing that’s happened to me this year. i am so thankful that somehow the stars aligned and you ended up in champaign this year. you are a truly amazing person and you have taught me so many things, above all, how to love and be loved. i look forward to whatever our future together may bring. i love you so much, really. -h


NO REGRETS, 2012. bring on the sarcasm, the second obama term, the musicology, and all of the adventures.